3 First Draft Tips | Create Convincing Characters | Writer’s Log in Real Time

Writing while holding a full-time job. Writing while taking care of household tasks. Writing while mom-ing. There isn’t much time left over to write, which, let’s face it, makes it difficult to maintain any kind of writing momentum. But it can be done! Lots of writers do it.

In fact, there are plenty of best-selling, traditionally published authors who still hold down a day job. Is it difficult? Yes. Is it worth it? Absolutely! In writer’s log 4, I share some first draft issues, struggles to prevent future plot problems, and writing tips.



Are Your FaceBook Posts Too Long?

Authors and writers need to be on FaceBook. It’s a fact. And everything we post is part of our brand and platform. Everything. Which means authors and writers need to learn marketing skills and make strategic, or at least, mindful decisions about what they post and marketing best practices.

How long is too long for a Facebook post? What’s the best or optimal number of characters for better engagement? You may be surprised. I was! I did some digging in this episode and share my research about the best number of characters for FaceBook posts.

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First Draft Process | Find Writing Time | Writing Log 3

 Make the most out of writing time. Have a full-time job? Writing while working full-time is challenging. Sometimes it feels impossible. There just doesn’t seem to be enough free time to write. And that job can be anything that takes up the bulk of your day like moms who write and caretakers.

There is often almost no time to write. But it can be done! ( I’m on my 12th book.) In this episode of Writers Log #3, I share how I wring every bit of writing time from my lunch ‘hour,’ which is really about 30 minutes, and how to make sure that Writing Time is used for actual writing and not staring into the creative abyss to figure out what to write. I call it Writing Go Time.

Hi, I’m Autumn Bardot, a traditional and indie published author, mom, grand-mom, and full-time teacher who has A LOT to do after work. Between household tasks, walking the dog, and mom things ( like talking to my grown children when they call) my creative energy is zapped by evening. Of course, everyone’s creative time and Writing Go Time is different, but maybe some of these writing tricks and tips will you get the very most of your writing time.

I also share a tip ( maybe you already know it) for writing about setting. Do you have a tip to get more out of your tiny bit of writing time? Let me know and leave a comment.

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Your Inner Critic | Writing Struggles

Hello writers! Do you have an inner writing critic? Do you listen to that inner critic? How much should we listen to our inner voice? Well, that depends on what kind of inner critic you have. Some have a soul-crushing ogre that makes you wonder if you should keep writing. Some have a Pollyanna, who believes that everything you write is amazing and perfect.

The problem with listening to those inner critics is that they keep you from growing as a writer and improving your novel. The trick is to find the Just Right inner critic. They’re the best kind.

This episode looks at 3 basic inner critics and whether or not they can be helpful or harmful to your writing life.

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Writing Step by Step | Writing Process | Start Writing a Novel

I just started writing my 13th book. This time I’m sharing all my writing struggles and problems. Why? To help new writers, beginner writers, and novice writers see the writing process in real life. I’ve been writing for ten years, and am a full-time literature and writing teacher. I also have a big family. Which means I have to fit in my passion for writing into an already very busy day.

Writing is my Zen, my happy place, so I am constantly striving to find ways to find writing time. Join me on my writing journey. As with every book, the story begins with an idea for plots and characters. I’m a plotter who also pants. The plot emerges as I write the story. Will it be different this time? Who knows?

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Why Writers Fail

Why do writers fail? Why do they give up writing their novel, story, screenplay, or book? It comes down to not having any or not having enough motivation and perseverance. Lacking motivation and perseverance makes writing a book or writing the next book a huge challenge. Writers may have lots of inspiration, but without motivation and perseverance, a great story or novel idea is going nowhere fast.

Take a deep look into the 3 elements of motivation–autonomy, mastery, and purpose–and how they pertain to writing a book. Which are you missing and why? What is perseverance? What 3 writing and authoring obstacles must a writer overcome? How are difficulties, failure, and opposition preventing from persevering?

I also share the one thing I believe is critical to overcoming obstacles and persevering through all the struggles that writers face.


Writer Traits | Writing Changed Me

Writing changed me and changed my life. Writing and authoring can’t help but change someone for good and for the not so good. Embracing your creative side and imagination helps you be fully you.

In this personal video, I share how writing changed me in many profound ways.

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Overwriting | Don’t Do It

Beginner writers tend to overwrite.  Do you write  long sentences,? Do you use flowery words? Or do you like to show off your college level vocabulary?  Fancy, big words slow down a story and often comes off as elitist and pompous. It’s also confusing and takes the reader out of the story.  
Remember,  it’s about the story, not the scholarly vocabulary.  

 In this episode, I share why you don’t want to use big, confusing words and vocabulary. Write better. Write a great story.   
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✅ GREAT READ “Politics and the English Language” by George Orwell  
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Literary Symbolism | Fire Symbolism and Water Symbolism

Fire symbolism and water symbolism are two huge are literary symbols. Their meanings stem from a myriad of religious beliefs, legends, and myths. Fire symbolism and water symbolism represent a universe of power, destruction, ambiguity, duality, and divinity. Whether earthly or otherworldly, these forces of nature are feared and loved with equal fervor.

No wonder authors love playing with their multiple meanings in poetry and literature. There’s so many ways to use them to amplify character, emotion, conflict, and theme. Remember, symbolism is never ‘this means that.’

Symbols and their layered meanings act as a diving board into a deep pool of emotional, psychological, spiritual, cultural, and intellectual dynamics that YOU decide how to mold and manipulate. It’s just one more tool for your writing toolbox.

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