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The first part of my 2-hour FaceBook Live for CoffeeHouse Writers Group.
One of the things I discuss is my 9-year writing journey. I never imagined my journey from writer to author would be such a crazy ride!

Character Arcs and Why You Need Them

A great story is all about what the character needs and how they are thwarted from getting it!

The protagonist needs a weakness or two or three…
The protag has a desire, a need that must be fulfilled.
The story begins with a trigger or some kind of crisis.
The antagonist (s) stop them from achieving the protag’s desire.
The stakes and action grow in intensity during the rising action.
The protag must make choices.
The climax is the final battle.
The protag has a revelation. Good or bad.
The resolution is the protag’s new normal.

Color Symbolism Part 1

Color imagery can evoke emotion, mood, tone, convey character, foreshadow, or be ironic. Color descriptors may be important in your story. Or not, depending on your genre and authorial voice.

Vanquish the Vague Villain

Add depth and complexity to your villain. Give them some endearing traits.





1. Give the villain an endearing nickname.

2. Make the villain intelligent, clever, and analytical. A thinker.

3. Make villain a good father/mother/pet owner/ etc

4. Have the villain be a kind lover.

5. Make the villain’s love interest be genuinely good.

6. Have the villain be reliable…mostly.

7. Make the villain spiritual.

8. Make the villain’s doing bad things about business. He’s just doing his job.

9. Give the villain hardships. Even better, trauma.

10. Make the villain be understanding or sympathetic.

11. Give the villain a tough childhood.

12. Make the villain’s quest be about returning home.

13. Give the villain the traits of a Homeric hero. The traits are: having/maintaining their honor; physical prowess; having minions; caring about the wellbeing of those minions, and being the best at something.

14. Make Good Person try to kill the villain first.

Mix & Match!

10 Traits Every Writer Needs

Writing and authoring is hard work! These 10 traits will help you on your path to success! Which ones do you need to work on?



10 Traits Every Writer Needs
1. Shows commitment: Make a schedule for writing and stick to it. Don’t make excuses.
2. Learn to wear many hats: Be prepared to learn many new skills.
3. Go the extra mile: Make your blogs and stories as awesome as you can.
4. Be a decision maker: Break BIG THINGS into little manageable bits.
5. Have passion and a sense of purpose: From the first word to the final revision, be passionate about your story.
6. Get organized: It’s a necessary evil that will pay off time-saving dividends in the end.
7. Be dependable: Create self-imposed achievable deadlines.
8. Practice effective communication: Think before posting/commenting. Be mindful of your tone.
9. Conscientiousness: If you’re going to do something, it’s worth doing right.
10. Have a positive attitude: Discouragement, frustration, plot setbacks, character conundrums, and agent rejections are part of the process. If you want to increase your success rate, double your failure rate. WRITE. KEEP WRITING! KEEP TRYING!

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As a teacher of writing and literature, I approach writing—-fiction and non-fiction—from both an academic and real-life perspective.

Autumn Bardot writes about fearless women and dangerous passions.
She has taught literature, writing, and the magic of words for more than sixteen years. Autumn was the guest author on Stoya’s Book Club, has an article on writing erotica in BooksbyWomen.org, and has been featured on several podcasts. She is currently writing her next novel and working on her YouTube channel.

Autumn has a passion for history and a special affinity for the unsung courageous females that history neglects…or misunderstands. Autumn lives in Southern California with her husband and ever-growing family. She wishes she was one-tenth as brave as the women she writes about.

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The Impaler’s Wife ~ historical fiction
Dragon Lady ~ historical fiction
The Emperor’s Assassin ~ historical fiction
Legends of Lust, Erotic Myths From Around The World ~ historical/mythical erotica
Confessions of a Sheba Queen ~ historical erotica

Scene Checklist

Every scene serves a purpose. Make sure yours is great. How many elements are in your scene?

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