The SECRET Every New Writer Must Know | Writing Routines

The secret to writing your first novel or many novels is finding a routine that works to get the pages written and also by making a consistent effort to learn the writing craft. It’s the single most important thing you can do make your ambitions and dreams of writing into a reality.

This is the first video of a series, Writing Routines, created to inspire and motivate you to finish your very first novel and/or continue with pursuing your writing goals in a way that works for you and your life.


Live Book Events | Book Festival | Author Festival | Do’s & Don’ts

What to bring, table set up, what not to do, and other do’s & don’ts to make your live book event a great experience to get you and your books noticed. Live book events are wonderful, but also scary and overwhelming. Your table can get lost in a sea of author tables.

It’s so easy for prospective readers to not even see lil’ ol’ you sitting at your table all by your lonesome. And yet this is your chance to engage and connect with prospective readers. Make the most of it!



How to Give Helpful Writing Feedback | Effective Novel Feedback

When it’s time to provide writing feedback to your writing friend it can be difficult because you want to inspire and motivate them, not crush their soul. The hard truth is that many amateur writers do not want to be told that there are problems with the novel.

Let’s face it, revisions are frustrating, take a lot of time, and require understanding elements like characterization, dialogue, pacing, plot arc, showing vs telling, and more.

How do you approach the feedback? What’s the first question to ask the writer?

How do you determine how much feedback to give?

7 Nice Ways to Decline Reading & Critiquing Your Friend’s Book

What should you do when your writing friend wants you to read and provide feedback on their book and you really don’t want to. Their pleas can put writers in the hot seat and make an experienced writer squirm because they know what’s involved in a feedback and what their friend wants to hear.

Here are 7 authentic and kind ways to decline to read and critique your friend’s book.