Autumn Bardot is the author of stories about fearless women and dangerous passions. She writes historical fiction, historical erotica, and contemporary fantasy. Her 4-book urban fantasy series is written under the pen name LZ Marie.

Autumn is hosting two different workshops at the 2021 Historical Novel Society conference. She’s a regular on library panels, was a guest on several national podcasts, and has an article on writing erotica in

 She’s a wife, mom, grandma, and teacher.  Because that doesn’t keep her busy enough, she has a YouTube channel  and podcast for new writers with lots of writing tips, author tools, and inspiration.

Autumn writes best at home in her sunny Southern California backyard and while vacationing at the beach. She bakes great chocolate chip cookies, drinks too much coffee, buys too many shoes, and loves to write stories about courageous but flawed women who succeed despite the odds. And she always spices it with a healthy dollop of romance! Find Autumn on FB, IG, and all the usual social media platforms. 


I love telling stories. My first attempts were crayon squiggles across paper. A bookworm since forever, I majored in English Literature. It took a while to finish my degree ( life got in the way ) but the moment my children were able to forage for their own food and the day after receiving my Masters I plunged head first into my true passion—writing novels. I haven’t stopped writing since.

I’m a genre slut—I’ll read anything—and so, of course, that means I’ve also written a few other genres as well. I use different pen names for my  historical fiction and urban fantasy romance. I love reading and writing stories that are chewy—that provoke ideas, rouse imagination, and challenge conventionality.

The colors across the pages I write are no longer Crayola bright. They’re black. Sometimes highlighted yellow or underscored in red, and yet decades later I’m still telling stories. I breathe best with words.

What’s next?
Another novel, of course!!

Favorite Things

Favorite things include salty French fries, a good foamy cup of coffee, chocolate, and the beach. I also have a weakness for cheese puffs and mojitos. When I’m not writing or working at the day job, you can find me hanging out with my four grown children, grandchildren, and hubby. And I’m always up for wine tasting!

Favorite non-profits

Ayiti With Love is the non-profit of the amazing bookstagrammers @welovebigbooksandwecannotlie and it is dedicated to nurturing the physical and intellectual development of children in extreme poverty in Haiti. 

Million Kids is dedicated to preventing sex trafficking, child pornography and sextortion. Follow @millionkids on IG and Twitter for updates and info.