Are you trying to do it all, write more books, market more books, promote more books, post more on social media, and do more more more? Then this video is for you. Having a goals, aspirations, and vision for your writing future is wonderful and necessary, but sometimes pushing ourselves beyond the limit neglects the other important things that bring us joy and contentment.

This is a personal look at why I had to get off the writing hamster wheel to live my best writing life.


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Memorable characters that leap from the page do more than just entertain. The reader relates and learns from them. Discover how to create believable and nuanced characters that drive plot and enhance conflict by teasing out all the strengths and weaknesses found in archetypes. There are many ways to tell a story and even more ways to write the scenes and sentences within. An ordinary sentence may move the plot forward, but a masterful sentence or scene does so much more!

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