There’s a a whole host of spine-tingling, soul-stealing, heart-wrenching, frightening, horrifying, and petrifying things that can happen when you’re a writer.It comes with the territory. And it’s part of the learning curve.

Writing, marketing, and all that author stuff means going way out of our comfort zone, so there are lots of chances to get it wrong and make mistakes. Some mistakes are more horrific than others. But there is an upside! How many of these things happened to you? Or have you had other horrors related to writing? Please leave a comment and share the horror!

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A great story has great characters. Memorable characters that leap from the page do more than just entertain. The reader relates and learns from them. Discover how to create believable and nuanced characters that drive plot and enhance conflict by teasing out all the strengths and weaknesses found in archetypes.

There are many ways to tell a story and even more ways to write the scenes and sentences within. An ordinary sentence may move the plot forward, but a masterful sentence or scene does so much more! A purpose-driven scene enhances mood, tone, characterization, conflict, plot, theme, and emotion. Discover the author techniques and literary devices to create evocative and layered prose that transform the ordinary into the extraordinary.

This course provides both a literary and real-life approach to: • characterization • archetypes • authorial techniques • literary devices that will help you master the art of ‘showing vs telling’.