This episode breaks the writing process into 5 stages that writers go through with their first novel. Writing, learning to write, understanding the craft, and implementing the strategies to write a great novel is a process. One that cannot be rushed.

Writers are a special breed. Our imaginations push us to create worlds and characters out of thin air. No easy task. It is a labor of love and, for many writers, something that fills our soul, brings us joy, and gives us a sense of purpose. Is this you? Are you a beginner writer? Is this your first novel? Second? Third? Maybe you’re a pro. Whether this is your first or your hundredth, writing is an act of sheer creative will, determination, and perseverance. Let’s embrace it all!

Hi, I’m Autumn Bardot, author, mom, grand mom, wife, language arts teacher, and more. Writing is my passion. I wish I had more time to do it! Looking forward to retirement when I can devote more time to getting the stories in my head OUT. By subscribing you help keep this channel going. Really! Your support and comments make my day better and encourage me to continue to make content.