The Magic of Symbolism

The Magic of Symbolism

Genre: Non-Fiction

Does the word symbol make you shudder? Discover how powerful symbolic word choices can enrich character, plot, emotion and more - your way.

Words are powerful magic, imbued with nuance, subtext, connotation, and emotions that reside deep within our collective consciousness. Words and symbols impart meanings readers respond to on a visceral level that extend beyond the literal meaning.

Discover all the ways that iconic symbols can provide thematic, foreshadowing, contextual, plot, and characterization beyond the superficial. This is a quick guide, a springboard meant for you to leap high and dive into powerful symbolic word choices.

Symbols and their layered meanings act as a diving board into a deep pool of emotional, psychological, spiritual, cultural, and intellectual dynamics that you decide how to mold and manipulate. It’s one more tool for your writing toolbox.

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