The magic of symbolism! Symbolism in novels matter. They bring layered, nuanced ideas, emotions, characterization, and more to a story. Does your novel or story have symbolism? Does it need symbolism to add depth and complexity?

Even objects in your home are full of symbolism. Common objects and ordinary things like books and bowls. Symbolism is never ‘this means that.’ Symbols and their layered meanings act as a diving board into a deep pool of emotional, psychological, spiritual, cultural, and intellectual dynamics that YOU decide how to mold and manipulate. It’s just one more tool for your writing toolbox.

WARNING! Including symbolic language in an effort to sound literary adds nothing to your story. But when the story warrants it, the writer can open up their symbolism toolbox to add depth, nuance, and context to enrich characters, scenes, foreshadowing, plot, and emotions.

This episode is the first in the 2-part series about using symbolism in your story.

8 symbolic common household symbolic objects

  • book symbolism
  • bowl symbolism
  • box symbolism
  • fan symbolism
  • broom symbolism
  • hearth symbolism
  • key symbolism
  • knife symbolism

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