┬áMake the most out of writing time. Have a full-time job? Writing while working full-time is challenging. Sometimes it feels impossible. There just doesn’t seem to be enough free time to write. And that job can be anything that takes up the bulk of your day like moms who write and caretakers.

There is often almost no time to write. But it can be done! ( I’m on my 12th book.) In this episode of Writers Log #3, I share how I wring every bit of writing time from my lunch ‘hour,’ which is really about 30 minutes, and how to make sure that Writing Time is used for actual writing and not staring into the creative abyss to figure out what to write. I call it Writing Go Time.

Hi, I’m Autumn Bardot, a traditional and indie published author, mom, grand-mom, and full-time teacher who has A LOT to do after work. Between household tasks, walking the dog, and mom things ( like talking to my grown children when they call) my creative energy is zapped by evening. Of course, everyone’s creative time and Writing Go Time is different, but maybe some of these writing tricks and tips will you get the very most of your writing time.

I also share a tip ( maybe you already know it) for writing about setting. Do you have a tip to get more out of your tiny bit of writing time? Let me know and leave a comment.

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